My first experience with swimming pool construction came at around the age of 10 or 11 years old.  I remember coming home from school and seeing my Dad with a garden hose spread over the lawn in the rough shape of a pool and some redwood stakes driven into the ground to hold the hose in position.  In the days that followed, he began digging the hole which was to become our new swimming pool.  At the time I think my Mom believed he had lost his mind. 

He rented a small trailer and methodically dug out the shell with a shovel and then towed the trailer across town and shoveled it out onto a vacant lot with a sign “Clean Fill Dirt Wanted.”  Day after day he kept at it, and I remember the neighbors on both sides lending a hand with the digging, probably feeling sorry for him.  Before the end of that summer we were swimming in our new pool, and then he became a hero to our family.  He performed all the construction himself, including all the pool plumbing and electrical.  We even got a home movie of him standing in waist deep water as the pool filled, wiring the underwater light!! (I always wondered if the circuit was hot!!) 

In the years that followed, I did pool maintenance during summers for some spending cash and finally followed my dream and got my C-53 California swimming pool contractors license.  Now with over 100 pools under my belt, I still get a thrill from turning an ordinary yard into a “backyard oasis,” or restoring an older pool back into a beautiful updated thing of beauty.  Let us make your dream of a new pool a reality.
R.P. Warnecke
RPW Professional Pools